Samples of Ann-Margret’s award-winning freelance writing.

That the World May Know: How I Pray for Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Other Wars
Christianity Today // OCTOBER 13, 2020

“The doves will fly again.”

These words, accompanied by a reference to Genesis 8:4, were superimposed on a photo of We Are Our Mountains, a monument made of volcanic rock depicting a tatik (grandmother) and papik (grandfather). This 1967 statue near Stepanakert is easily recognized as the symbol of the Armenian heritage of Artsakh [. . .] Today it is a bloody battlefield as Azerbaijan and Armenia fight over the land.

CFWN Blog // June 23, 2020

They say (whoever “they” are) that perfect is the enemy of good. I agree. The burdensome drive to achieve perfection can prevent us from completing a task or project adequately well.

In many cases, doing a good job is all that is required of us, and is also acceptable because the completion of the task is more important than its quality. For example, if your daughter is running late for school and her hair is a mess, it makes more sense to pull it into a half-decent ponytail than to take the time to meticulously French braid it.

Facts & Trends // February 12, 2019

It’s no secret there’s much brokenness in American neighborhoods, but Marvin Williams, lead pastor of Trinity Church in Lansing, Michigan, believes the Church holds the answer.

“The gospel truly is the hope of the world, and our outreach is not just good deeds or altruistic behavior,” he says. “It’s celebrating that God is alive in us! Any church that is not moving forward is doing a disservice to its community and disobeying God.”

Intouch // FEBRUARY 1, 2019
While my grandma Ovsanna was still alive, my parents and I would pop into her house on our way home from Tuesday night Bible study. She’d be nestled in her big boxy armchair covered with a patchwork of odd fabrics. My parents would sit in the dining room chairs neatly lined up in front of the window, while I’d perch next to her on a worn-out ottoman. In typical Armenian-grandma style, nothing in her kaleidoscopic tchotchke-filled house matched, but every hand-crocheted doily, porcelain figurine, and Bible verse cut out of a magazine was placed just so. And Nene would pretend not to notice if I got up to scavenge in her bread box (which never actually held bread) for nuts or homemade cookies.
Bible Engager's Blog // June 26, 2017

For years, my biggest struggle with being single was the not-knowing. A bit of a control freak, I have struggled to allow this part of my life to remain a mystery. One day, I decided I would choose singleness for myself so I could stop wondering. That gave me a sense of control but, in hindsight, it was a form of self-preservation and a cop-out because I no longer had to wait on God.

I operated under this delusion for about three years, until I realized God had never asked me to give up the desire for marriage. God was calling me to trust God, day by day, and to find fulfillment in our relationship.

5 Reasons Coloring is Good for Christians
Crosswalk // September 22, 2016
My preschool years are pretty much a blur by now but, for some mysterious reason, I have a distinct memory of one afternoon in kindergarten when a classmate picked up the red crayon on our table just as I was reaching for it. Uncharacteristically, I protested rather sharply.
I don’t remember what I said or whether I snatched the crayon but I know my thought was: How dare she? need it! Anyone could have clearly seen that I absolutely needed to have the red to complete my drawing!


“I hired Ann-Margret, an award-winning freelancer, to write a personality profile for my publication. From the beginning to the end of the project, she demonstrated great professionalism, from being prompt, friendly, and flexible, to writing with finesse. Highly recommended. I plan to call her again.”


“Ann-Margret never fails to come through for us. Whether it’s a Bible study, a profile piece, or a series of devotions, she never fails to turn in quality work by her deadline. What’s more, she’s great with feedback and is always willing to go the extra mile when we ask for rewrites. Her positive attitude and amazing work ethic make her a joy to do business with!”

— JAMIE A. HUGHES, In Touch Magazine

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Ann-Margret on multiple writing assignments for two different publications. She has the ability to handle a range of topics and writing styles from personality profiles to research articles. I always enjoy working with Ann-Margret. Her assignments are always well-written and on time.”

— CAROL PIPES, LifeWay Christian Resources