You Asked Me!

Posted by Ann-Margret on April 11, 2014 at 8:50 am| Leave a Comment

Every so often, someone will ask me about how I got started as a writer, how they can get published or some other question related to writing. Since some of the same questions come up from time to time, I thought I’d start putting my answers all in one place so that I could later refer people to them.

Last week I invited fans of my Facebook Page to ask me anything and I got five questions right away. The answer to the first one is on my “Piece of Mind” blog right here: You Asked Me. Check it out! Stay tuned for more questions and please go ahead and send me any questions you have. You can either leave them in the comments here, at my other blog or on Facebook.

Edited on May 14: And here’s a link to the fifth and final post in the series, where I share tips on being a successful writer: You Asked Me! #5