Truth, Dare, Double Dare – Review and Giveaway!

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Hello, friends! After a long, long wait, I’m excited to announce that today is the official release of my latest book, Truth, Dare, Double Dare.

The best way for me to tell you more about it is to point you to a fantastic review written by the mom of a tween girl. This mom, who runs the “A Look at the Book” Bible study blog, is also helping me give away a copy of Double Dare!

Check it out right here. The giveaway ends on October 9, so hurry!

Here’s a snippet from the review:

“The first weekend devo was a quiz to find out how bold you are in your faith! We read the opening thoughts together, and then I let my daughter take the quiz in privacy. She came to me afterward to tell me about why she thought her results were right on. I’ll tell you, as a mom, there is no greater joy than to have something prompt spiritual thoughts in my children, and then to have the privilege of them sharing their thoughts with me! Thank you, Ann-Margret!”

Thank you, Ren, for the great review!

Please enter the giveaway or go on ahead and order the book from your favourite retailer. If you could also write a review at some point (either on a bookseller’s website or your own blog), that would be fabulous.

Thanks and have a great day!

Christmas giveaway

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If you’ve got a Facebook account, you’ll want to run over to and check out my latest giveaway. There’s a super-easy contest you can enter for a chance to win a copy of Truth & Dare for a special tween girl in your life. I’ll also be giving away TWO sets of two hand-lettered and illustrated (by me) personalized bookmarks to random winners.

If you’re not on Facebook, you can still participate. If you have a young tween girlfriend (or daughter or niece, etc.) that you think would love to have a copy of Truth & Dare for Christmas, send me a note at and tell me a little bit about her and why you’d like to share this devo with her. Be sure to give me your mailing address, too.

You must email me by November 30! I’ll read through the entries over the weekend of December 1 and choose a winner on December 3. I will also include a little surprise for you if I pick your entry. Hurry and enter!

We have a winner!

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So today was the day I was to choose a name from among all those who entered the latest giveaway… and we’ve got our winner!

Angel Pendleton was the sixth person out of 13 to enter the giveaway and her name came up in a random draw. At Angel’s choice, I will send a copy of Designer Genes signed to her daughter Grace. Woohoo! Congratulations, Angel and Grace (what great names, by the way). 😀

Thanks to everyone else who participated. If you’d still like to get a copy of one of my books, check out the buying options on the “Books” page of my website.

You can see photos of the very old-fashioned way I selected the winner here, in the Designer Genes Facebook photo album. (Please “like” the page after you visit it!)

Time for another giveaway!

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Do you know a preteen girl who would be encouraged by a devotional designed just for her age group? I’d love to send her a copy of either Desiger Genes or Truth & Dare.

Leave a comment here before midnight June 30 and I’ll enter your name in a draw to receive a free copy of either book. All you have to do is state which book you’d prefer to win (click on the “Books” tab above to learn about each book) and tell me the first name of the girl you’d like to give the book to.

I’ll pick the winning name on July 1, which is Canada Day up here in the Great White North! 😀 Then I’ll contact the winner to get the appropriate mailing address. Before sending out the book, I’ll inscribe a personal message to the girl who will receive the devotional.

If you post a link to this contest on your blog (and come back here to let me know and share a link to that blog post), I’ll enter your name a second time and, if you win, I’ll throw in a bonus Canada Day fun surprise with the book.

Woohoo! Can’t wait to hear from you all!


Quick updates

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1. Congratulations to Arianne Golez for winning the book giveaway I recently hosted! Stay tuned for future giveaways. (Next time the contest will be easier, so hopefully more people will participate.)

2. My article in Christianity Today is finally “live” and you can check it out here:

3. Sandra Glahn, editor of Kindred Spirit, hosts a blog called Aspire2: Thinking that Transforms. She recently invited me to share about my book Truth & Dare, in a guest post on her blog. You can find that here:

4. Interested in powder rooms? Check out my coverage of what’s hot and trendy in the latest issue of Montreal Home Magazine:

That’s all for today!

Contest deadline extended!

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Several of you have indicated you want to participate in the contest to win a free book (or two) but I haven’t received any entries yet so I’m not sure whether you’re all waiting until the last day to send them in or you just need more time. So…

I’m extending the deadline to May 13. That means you still have THREE WEEKS to send in your fun pics. Hope to hear from you soon. 😀

(See previous post for full contest details.)


P.S. I just posted the contest here:

Free Book Contest!

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Hi everyone! Ready for some fun and the chance to win a free book? I thought so! Keep reading…

I want to give away four copies of my books, as follows:

– One grand prize winner will win a copy of Designer Genes AND a copy of Truth & Dare (plus a few more surprise goodies).

– Two second-prize winners will each win a copy of either Designer Genes or Truth & Dare.

Here’s how it’s going to work…

1. Grab the cover image of one of these books from my Books page ( Choose whichever book you’d like to win.

2. Create a new picture that features one of these books in a fun, weird, exciting, funny, inspiring setting by superimposing (or layering) the image of the book on top of another picture. (You can do this in Word or Paint or using a free online photo editing site. Let me know if you get stuck!) For example, you might show Designer Genes riding a roller coaster or climbing Mount Everest. (Okay, now you can’t use those ideas. Sorry!) Be creative… I’m sure you can all come up with really fun ideas!

3. Send me your fun photo by midnight April 30 May 13 (any time zone in North America is fine — I’ll be asleep anyway!) E-mail it to, along with your full name, age, and mailing address and let me know which book you’re hoping to win.

4. By May 20, I will announce the winner. The grand prize winner will be the most creative entry that just wows me! Then, from the rest, I will choose two more winners who will each win the book of their choice.

5. Anyone can enter this contest regardless of age or location but, because of shipping costs internationally, I have to limit the grand prize to entrants from Canada or the United States. But anyone can win a second prize. Thanks for understanding!

6. Please feel free to tell your friends about this contest. You can tweet about this, post it on Facebook, share it by e-mail, etc. The more the merrier, as they say!

I think that covers everything but if I think of anything I’ve missed (or if you do, and you drop me a line), I’ll come back and edit this post. So, if you plan on participating, do come back and take a look at this post again in the next week or so. (I’m going to see if it’s easy to set up some kind of online voting feature for the entries.)

Special thanks to Coach Alvin for helping me with this idea for a contest!

Don’t forget that you can connect with me on Facebook ( or on Twitter (!/AnnHovsepian).

One last thing: Please be sure to read the post before this one to learn how you can get help me out with my next book project (and get a free copy of that!)

Happy Easter and I hope to hear from many of you soon!