“I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.” – Acts 20:24


Location: Montreal, Canada

Ever since I learned the alphabet, I’ve had an irrepressible affinity for the written word and, although I’m Armenian, the English language. My parents often found me poring over a dictionary or encyclopedia, or wielding a pen as I attacked word puzzle magazines or my older sister’s English exercise books. In elementary school, I made good use of my parents’ old manual typewriter and every scrap of blank paper I could find to produce one-of-a-kind family newsletters complete with articles, jokes, illustrations and puzzles. But I must have been a little thick in the head because it never dawned on me that I’d end up working in the publishing industry! I also loved sciences and assumed I’d end up an astronomer or chemist. I was obviously wrong, though I did unsuccessfully pursue studies in chemical technology for a short time.

In 1992, I started working for Home Builder Magazine and, within four years, went from typesetting and proofreading to managing the editorial department, copy editing and copy writing. In 1996, I launched my own business and began picking up desktop publishing, proofreading, copy editing and writing assignments. Over two decades later, I’ve had a few hundred articles published in dozens of magazines and newspapers and, something I really didn’t see coming at the beginning, I’m now the author or co-author of five devotional books. Another surprise has been the opportunity to work as an illustrator, creating or contributing to several adult colouring books in the last few years.

Read more about my journey as a writer (and some tips for writers) in this interview I did for Christian Authors a couple of years ago.

Two of Ann-Margret's drawings in the Inkspirations coloring book

Two of Ann-Margret’s drawings in the Inkspirations coloring book

As much as I love writing and drawing, I have a greater passion: serving God and telling others about Jesus Christ. I’m involved in many areas of service at my church, but particularly with women’s ministry and missions. When I’m not busy with a writing project or church activity, I enjoy many creative hobbies, such as calligraphy, sewing, cooking and gardening.

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