Truth and Dare listed on Amazon!

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The first of two of my upcoming books is already listed on, though it’s slated for release in November. Check it out here: Truth and Dare: A Year of Dynamic Devotions for Girls. (I would be ever-so-grateful if you also “liked” the listing by clicking the little button near the title.)


Truth and Dare in design stage!

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Exciting things are happening in the book department:

1. A couple of weeks ago I got to see two potential cover designs for my next book, Truth and Dare, and I really liked them both! (This process has also introduced me to designer Luke Flowers. Check out his work!) I collected helpful feedback from a dozen or two friends, many of them tween girls (my target audience) and we’ve narrowed it down to one design. A bit of tweaking here and there and it’ll be good to go!

2. Later this month I’ll be doing a first review of the edited version of Truth and Dare,  which means we’re getting closer to designing the interior of the book and typesetting the copy.

3. I can’t reveal too much yet but the proposal for a boys’ devotional book is in the works. Andrew Rutledge and I have teamed up to work on this project and are hoping to deliver a proposal a publisher simply can’t turn down! (Prayers for this are welcomed.)

Stay tuned for further updates!