Faith and joy are major themes in Ann-Margret’s life and she loves helping people find both. Her work reflects her passion for creativity as well as her commitment to truth. Whimsy and wisdom: Together they make for one seriously joyful life!

Ann-Margret has been writing professionally for over 25 years and illustrating colouring books since 2015. She has written hundreds of articles and is a bestselling author, co-author, or illustrator of multiple books. She is also Managing Editor of the Christian Freelance Writers Network and is in the process of developing her art business: Buttercup Design Studio. You can hang out with Ann-Margret on Facebook and subscribe to her free weekly e-newsletter, Whimsy & Wisdom, which delivers inspiration to email inboxes every Monday morning.  

Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.

Pierre de Chardin


“I have been utilizing Ann-Margret’s skills for a decade. She is one of my most dependable, versatile freelancers. Ann-Margret is exceptionally talented in both her writing and her artwork, and I can always trust her to do everything with excellence!”

SUSAN TJADEN, Senior Editor, Ink & Willow | WaterBrook & Multnomah

Ann-Margret’s craft is clear and succinct. She has stewarded her skill with care over two decades, sharing words in a wide range of places showcasing her creativity and flexibility as an artist. It’s icing on the cake that she’s also a delight to know in person!


I really love Ann-Margret’s drawings. Restore My Soul has beautiful illustrations and meaningful devotions.  I have bought all of her books and love them all.

— KIM ESTEP, Reader